Thriving English school for sale in Hualien

The school: We have been going for eight years. We do not advertise so we have none of the problems that advertising brings. Most of the students’ parents are professionals and almost 50% are involved in education so you will be dealing with reasonable, educated people.
The students: We have around 70 students from 7 to 16 years old. There are no princesses and no little emperors. It is my school and it will be yours, so you don’t need to tolerate that sort of thing. 90% of the students have been with us for more than two years and 50% of the students have been with us for more than four years. 10% of the students have stayed with us since day one. Student turnover is not the problem that it is in most schools.
Income: Your net income will be well into seven figures. I have deliberately not started a new beginner group this year to allow the new teacher to do things his or her way. When you start a new beginner group, your income will grow by 20% in your first year of teaching.
Schedule: I spend around eighteen hours a week at the blackboard. This will increase to twenty hours a week when you start a new beginner group. Classes begin at 4.30pm and the latest finishes at 8.45pm. There are three evenings when I finish before 8pm. I take about seven or eight weeks holiday a year. The schedule is far from difficult.
Buying: You will be earning a healthy income from day one. I intend to help the new teacher for a transition period. The price for the school will be one year’s net income, in cash I’m not interested in crazy installment plans or any other complicated arrangements. You pay the asking price and the school is yours. If you don’t think that this is a steal, please don’t apply.
You: You must be able to teach. If you can’t teach, I won’t sell the school to you. You must be able to generate new ideas for classes every week and your grammar must be of the standard that allows you to explain its use to teenagers. You will also be teaching elementary school children who speak no English so if you do not play a musical instrument, you will need to have an imaginative alternative. Basic proficiency in Chinese is essential. You don’t need to be able to communicate with adults but you need to know the names for basic grammatical elements.
I’m Canadian. You will be a native English speaker with a decent standard of education. I’m not interested in certificates. Your application will tell me all that I need to know about your abilities.
Tests: I don’t give tests and no parent has ever asked me to do so. I do not waste time marking them or designing them so the students actually learn, which seems to be a novel idea in Taiwan.
Contact: I expect to hear from many unsuitable people so initial contact will be by email. My email address is
Please write a 1000-word account to tell me about your priorities, your plans and your philosophy. I don’t care about any experience in Taiwanese cram schools, for obvious reasons. You can also ask any questions in the mail. If you fit the bill, I will arrange a meeting at a neutral venue near your home and we can take things from there.
This is an opportunity to live in one of the best places in Taiwan and to earn an income that will certainly allow you and your family to buy your own property and have two foreign holidays a year. We can certainly afford that lifestyle.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, l am interested. Did you sell it out already?

Since I am living in Hualien…I too am curious if this proposed transaction was successful.