Thunderbird, where's my mail hiding?

This is related to my [url= with XP going haywire[/url].

I got my new computer with XP installed a while back, and set about copying all my data over and installing my fave programs. In the old days with Netscape you could just port your user profile over from the appropriate folder, but with Thunderbird I couldn’t find it.

Eventually, I discovered that the data was held in an invisible file called ntuser.dat inside your Windows user settings. I made a security copy of this and then copied the old one over, and lo! my mail appeared in my new installation of Thunderbird.

Photoshop suddenly stopped displaying anything in English though, so obviously this is not a good way to do things and there has to be a better way. Also, I think this had some relevance to my recent problems, although there has been an interval of two months since I did this.

I’ve got rid of Photoshop, which wasn’t legal anyway, and am happy with Gimpshop, but I think I need to re-install XP and start again without any funky improvised fixes. I want a 100% legal fully functional system.

So, how do I get the Thunderbird data to a safe place? There MUST be some way to save everything - addresses, mail, filter settings, and so forth, but I can’t find it. If any of you brainiacs know I would be really grateful.


Got the same problem, found a gadget that does the backup, but it’s slow. Called MozBackup. Fairly easy to use. Hope it helps.

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