Tiananmen Square Anniversary

June 3 is the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Communist China.

I guess no one here noticed so I thought I’d post a remembrance.

No it isn’t - it’s tomorrow, June 4th.

Thats what the comrades want you to propagate. Confusion of the running yellow dogs.

Actually the events started on the night of the 3rd and carried through to the day of the 4th.

Happy Doughnut Day democracy protesters!

Simple but powerful report.

BBC News - Tiananmen’s tank man: The image that China forgot

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I really want to know what happened to the tank man. What a hero. Taiwan should print this image on a bill lol. I think it would be pretty cool and piss off china.


It’s an extremely long marathon of political liberalisation!

Has anyone attended the Tiananmen conference in Taipei over the years?

That image is on many June 4 T-shirts, that I know!

I was in Beijing during the Tiananmen “event.” Some memories:
-lots of broken glass in street as sign of protest…“down with Xiao Ping” (the glass bottle "xiao ping’ representing Deng Xiao Ping)
-burning busses and tires on the main ring roads as busses left at intersections to slow down the army
-talking with shocked students who had so many ideas but lack of clear judgement about their own government position
-lack of food in city due to farmers not delivering
-nightly gun fire across city after the event
-seeing the Goddess of Democracy statue. The crowds in Tiananmen were amazing…wall to wall people.
-standing at a fence surrounding KFC near Tiananmen with soldiers standing at attention holding guns with probably 100 soldiers sitting in front of KFC. A couple with child walked up and was standing next to me with soldiers blocking their way to KFC. I heard the husband say “Is KFC closed? I would really like to eat fried chicken. Too bad is closed.” Just like other people walking around the day after Tiananmen event…their lives did not change.



all the Taiwanese waiving communist flags in their house should look at this and be ashamed.


the students in this video are unrecognizable to the young chinese of today. its sad that what came out of this, other than the tragedy of it was the government doubling down and making sure something like this could never happened again. and they really succeeded.


He brought a pair of bags to a tank fight. What was the plan? Did he have milkshakes in the bags? Rotten tomatoes? Dead cats?

Grenades? That might have helped, depending.

The anniversary of a failure is depressing. But it might be worth observing if only we’re willing to learn the lesson: being in the right gets you nowhere with people.

Hopefully vindication one day!

A bit of memory for the Wu Mai


Causeway bay hkisland yesterday

I’m sure it’s uploaded on YouTube by now.