Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Mind sharing some examples of the products you bought?

Please share more of what you saw and heard on the ground. Their stories deserve to be remembered.


Oh hell yeah. It’s one thing to read about things in a book or article… And another to have a fellow Forumosan recall and tell the story. Think of Forumosa as the few grandkids that are honestly interested in grandpa’s war stories (including Flak and everything).


Good guys doing good guy things, China not a fan:

Wang’s remarks came after Blinken tweeted that “June 4 is the 32nd anniversary of the PRC [People’s Republic of China]'s deadly crackdown in Tiananmen Square, killing thousands of protesters simply calling for their rights and freedoms to be respected”.

According to Blinken, "human rights are universal, and all governments must protect and promote them”.

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Grandpa!? Grandpa!? You are lucky my bones are so brittle or I would take you over my knee and give you a good spanking.


Nice throwback from some ex-Hong Kong actor.


Guess brainwashing and or serious blackmail/threats do work…age long human traditions. Lets support our tradional heritage of oppression.


May I ask…how to share a text document on Forumosa?
I can never find the user manual for this site.

Good question… The “manual” for the forum software “discourse” could be this here:

But uploading a text document directly into your posts is probably something that the admins would need to specifically allow - by default, only pictures (jpg, jpeg, png, gif) can be uploaded. This is for both security reasons, and to avoid huge files taking too much space on the server.

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Well, I have wrote down what happened to me during my time in Beijing. Sorry…but is long and not really that interesting. I did promise friends and family to do this but never did…I guess will still send to them.
Honestly, I was there only a short time. I was situated on the parameter of a big event…doing my best to peer inside and not doing a very good job. Pretty much like my whole experience with China.
So I warned you. Boring as dirt…and not just because I am such a poor writer. But I want to thank you guys. This event was such a life changer for me. For old people like me some memories dim over time…sometimes even not so pleasant memories are good to keep alive.


Awesome thanks! My phone is telling me to.piss off with that download. Will download soon to computer and read it there. Looking forward to it!

A small outsiders perspective on the ground is likely very different than the media propaganda we read today! None of us will be taking this to the UN and expecting them to change their loyalties to taiwan over the oppressive CCP. However, if a million or 2 of these stories came out…public opinion would certainly force change!

Thanks for taking the time!

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This is awesome and very interesting, thank you very much! Like explant wrote, your feelings and observations offer a rare glimpse into that wold history event from a different perspective. This seems totally different to the history books (or propaganda) from which probably most people learn about this event.

Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for your help with Docdroid.

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