Tickets to Gaoxiongo Taipei

Due to my wife having been hospitalized, and now restricted to rest, we have 2 tickets down south to Gaoxiong that we can’t use. Does anyone want them? Departure(from Taipei): Train 143, Friday April 2nd, 15:00. Return:(from Gaoxiong): Train 278, Monday April 4, 21:30.

Pm me if anyone is interested?

(p.s. - I am not really sure where to put this)

I believe you can get a refund for them at the train station. I hope your wife gets better soon. Best wishes.

If that is true it saves me a lot of trouble. I will call them now. Thanks.

Sorry to hear about your wife. I hope recovers quickly.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

You’ll get back almost all of the money. The TRA will take out a small cancellation fee (NT$13 per single-direction ticket – or 10% during CNY). But you have to return the tickets to the station before the train departs or they won’t issue a refund.