TikTok Famous

How about sharing some TikTok?

TikTok is a tool of the CCP.


Do Taiwanese use DouYin or TikTok more?

I thought Douyin was for local Chinese consumption but tiktok was for the USA.

I remember when Tiktok came out and I was forced to sit through hundreds of their ads on YouTube. I remember thinking the ads and the premise of the app was stupid. I didn’t expect the millions of kids that signed up.


TikTok, TikTok, you’re days are numbered!

Exactly. Since douyin is mostly in Chinese and TikTok is in English, I was just wondering what the Taiwanese would check more?

TikTok is a never ending stream of Taiwanese. In Chinese. Also Chinese and Japanese and Korean and many others.

So to answer my own question, they use TikTok not the mainland version. Got it.

Don’t know what’s happening here.

Hard to say by looking at the screenshot. But that should be a video, no?

Yes a screenshot from TicTok video.

They are mixing Taiwan beer with that other Taiwan drink in a bottle.

Send them the “psycho xiaojie” thread… :rofl:

Working girls

Cigar factory somewhere.

Taiwanese models?!

DouYin and TikTok is the same thing.

I thought they were not the same thing since douyin is restricted by the Chinese censors while TikTok is free of them. At least that is what ByteDance says.

A new way to sell real estate.