Time Deposit

Once again, sorry if I am asking a stupid question, but can someone please tell me how does this TIME DEPOSIT works??

Many thanks with :love:

  • MiakaW

Sure. Put your guanxi in, and earn ten percent weekly interest! Woo-hoo! There’s something to tell your folks in your next letter home…

yeah think of a high-interest paying bank account for guanxi

is that why you guys have so many quanxi?? No wonder… that makes sense now… okay, so how come I didn’t know about all these?? :?:

The zillions of guanxi those guys have are down to them having nothing better to do all day than post here. Once you put your g$ in the bank it disppears off the radar, which is why I never appear to have any.

But it’s still there, accumulating like crazy, and you can draw it out if you need it for any reason. You lose 2% on what you withdraw, but that’s only 2 days interest.

What worries me is that the bank must be loaning the stuff out to someone to be able to afford to pay the interest. Some peasant farmer somewhere is probably working his nuts off just to meet the payments on an avatar paid for with borrowed guanxi. This is usury, and I’m participating. Oh my god!!

I think the bank is going a bit mad right now, It keeps adding interest, I can swear it’s been done least 4 or 5 times since Jan 1st, and at least 2 times today alone. I have waaaay to much guanxi…

Thank you for the notice, BFM. I checked the bank and for some reason, the number of seconds lost digit (so instead of compounding weekly, it was compounding every 2+ days)

Lmk if it still acts odd.

Btw, do you think we should change the interest to a more realistic interest rate? What’s the dollar earning these days – 0.75% p.a. I think?

I have more than a million now. I need a virtual yacht.

Bank error in your favour! Too bad China Trust ain’t so generous. I gained like 6K this week. Now, where to shop, where-to-shop???

Sandman, can I go virtual sailing with you to some virtual island with only virtual virgins on it? I can virtually see it now. BTW, I can be ready to go virtually anytime.

Sandman, you own more than half the bank. That can’t be right or was it fixed?

Course it was fixed, like the lottery. How come I’ve got six and half thousand, and that grumpy old scot has ‘more than a million’?

I just checked and the total declared holdings are 1171717, so scroogeman owns a lot more than half the bank. Maybe we should have a virtual stockmarket he can lose it all on? Perhaps fora should be ‘owned’ by companies that have to pay the admin for operating licenses, and earn their income according to how many posts they get? You buy and sell shares in the different fora according to how much traffic you think they’re going to generate.

Seriously, with all this ‘money’ in the bank the original point of guanxi - whatever it was - has probably been lost.

Hey man, couldn’t you have kept this a secret? It looks like the bank is calculating correctly again. :cry:

Maybe some of you have millions of guanxi, but I’m still 80G’s away from an avatar…well, 79 after this post.

Exactly, I have more than enough now, and I don’t want anyone else to have any :moo:

Thanks MiakaW - I never knew about it either.:slight_smile:

Time to switch to NG (New Guanxi) dollars I say. Exhange for old currency at 1000 to 1. Then get rid of the bank and its ridiculous interest.

I’m serious actually. If the original point of guanxi is to be retained, just like real money it has become massively undervalued. We need to scratch it and start again.


I agree with Brian.

Or maybe we should introduce a tax on unspent guanxi? Encourage people to spread it around.

Hey, Thanks for the Guanxi BFM! That was so nice of you.:bouncy:

I’m so happy. Now I can have an avatar of my very own!! …um…I’ve only got to figure out how that works.

A tax on the wealthy for not supporting those needing guanxi? But what if I am planning to send my kids through college? Maybe I could establish a grant for those newbies who are great contributors like I have done in the past when I was happy to have G$200… I suppose having nearly G$19,000 will do that to you. :wink:


My signature line used to state pretty clearly that the stragbasher benevolent fund would give away guanxi to anyone that asked.

No one ever asked.

And I know that you don’t have any kids, Imani. How much g$ does a cat need?

Damn, I just checked and I don’t have nearly a million – I thought “total holdings” was MY total holdings. Looks like me and Toe will be doing our virtual sailing in a Zodiac. :frowning: