Time-Limit Variation for the "Edited" Pencil Icon--or Am I Imagining Things?

Maybe I’ve been imagining things, or maybe its my quasi-obsolete Chrome browser (quasi-obsolete because I’m using XP), but anyway, not too long ago, one of my well-before-ten-minute edits produced the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the post. But today, I edited well past the ten-minute mark, and no “Edited” icon appeared.

Is this all in my brain (whether the one between my ears or the electronic one (電腦)), or is it on Forumosa’s end?

Not that it’s a huge deal, except that it would be nice to find out that I’m not delusional (at least not in this instance).

Nothing’s changed (looks the same now anyway). Probably some kind of glitch?

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On the second one, maybe it’s the way I edited. Maybe my edit was before the deadline, and as an afterthought, I edited again to just give the reason for the edit, but since I hadn’t actually edited at that time, it didn’t register.

I did a test edit on the first post, and got the pencil. So I guess it’s on my side of things.


Anyway, thanks for replying so soon, and I’ll try to come up with something better to ponder. :slight_smile: