Time to Keep an Eye on Ukraine


  1. Security and Independence:
    Ukraine will face a serious challenge in trying to balance Russia’s presence while preserving its sovereignty. Putin’s Kremlin is intent on capturing predominant influence over the foreign policy orientations and security postures of nearby states formerly in the Soviet zone of control. Such moves are depicted as a means for reversing Moscow’s decline as a major international player. Moscow aims to limit the pace and scope of Ukraine’s Western integration, especially with regard to the security and military arena, and restrict what it views as American attempts at dominance in the former Soviet space. American and European acquiescence may actually assist Putin’s Kremlin in achieving such objectives. Kremlin cooperation in America

So what do you say? Do we nuke them?

Grow the hell up mesheel. Of course not. We liberate them and they shower us with flowers.

(sorry about the personal insult, mesheel, it was my understanding that is required in this forum. no offense meant)


Your violent tendencies fit in nicely with your new avatar. haha. Is that your stock answer now to every security question or are you just joking? Anyway, if there is a problem, I believe that Europe will be strongly affected. All I am saying is it might be a good idea to focus on an area that will be very important first and foremost to the security of many European nations and also in that context to the United States as well. In this particular instance, I believe that it is the Russians in fact who are the ones who would be swallowing up said nation.


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But hey, how ridiculous of someone to want to discuss world politics or a subject deeper than what is your star sign and what does it tell about you or if you were a pizza topping what would you be, take the test here or even better, what kind of poster are you (see the descriptions here) or maybe even enter your writing here to find out if you are a man or woman or what kind of animal are you or what kind of food are you. Hey, knock yourself out with those and have a great time. Perhaps you and Mesheel can get together and take a nice little bubble bath together and leave us grown ups to worry about the fate of the world. hahaha

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Now now Freddie, isn’t your real name Chaim Melamed?

How strange of you, Mesheel.

The Ukraine is in a position similar to Georgia (ex-Soviet Georgia, not the peanut state) – bent over and being buttfucked by Russia.

Georgia has been begging for international help to get Russia to withdraw its troops (as the Russians agreed to do in treaty several years ago, but have failed to live up to). Ukraine is in a slightly better position (with lube, rather than without) in that they managed to get Russia to leave. Part of the reason might be that Ukraine inherited the Chernobyl disaster, and not even Russia wants to deal with the mess that the Russians created there.

So why nuke Ukraine, Mesheel? The Russians already did it. Had you forgotten? Or did you think it was all the fault of the evil American capitalist-imperialist running-dog lackeys?

By the way, Mama T, the Ukrainians are begging to be liberated. You can do them one at a time:

Anyone know whether Ukrainians can get tourist visas to Taiwan?? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: