Timer on lock screen for exercising

Anyone found an app to set a timer on the lock screen like if you want 2 minutes between lifting weights sets or some other reason for a timer when working out?

Something where I don’t have to unlock the phone every time to set timer for 2 minutes.

Tabata timer on lock screen would also be great.

Depends on the OS. On Ios, you can’t have that widget functionality directly.

But there is a compromise solution. Turn off screen auto-lock (or make it high enough)

Then use in built stopwatch or something like simple timer app.

Ofcourse, the “never” option for auto-lock will not be available if you have a corporate certificate installed on your phone.

How about an old fashioned stop watch. Then you don’t even have to carry your phone when exercising.

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Try Impetus Interval Timer

You can setup the routine you want, so for example 1 minute exercise, 1 minute rest or whatever, comes with many presets too. It makes it easier to follow the right rhythm .