Tinder Dates in Taipei

Has anyone had any success (hookups, relationships), off of Tinder in Taiwan? Or maybe an app that is used more by Taiwanese? When I was Taipei I metup w one chick who was chill but nothing insanely engaging I’d want to commit to.

I find that Tinder is the most popular. We had another topic that mentioned it not too long ago. I’ll see if I can dredge it up.

Bumble has people too but is seemingly locked at 160 km. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve had successes. But be prepared to do a lot of initiation, and coupled with a populace that might not understand English as well as you, making more sophisticated jokes a risky venture if you are trying to be interesting. But nothing is impossible.

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ok respects. This one time my buddy and I just had our 18th’s so we headed up to Frank, the rooftop bar at ATT 4 fun. It was a Monday so the roof was closed and there was like one other group of unclaimed chicks. I went and started talking to them but my buddy had just gotten laid hours before so he had no testosterone left in his system. Essentially I single handedly pulled two girls but they wouldn’t come back w us cuz one of the chicks was gonna be bored since my friend was being a deadweight lol. This has nothing to do with this topic, just a story.

That’s a fuckin stretch…


Is this kind of like unclaimed luggage? :thinking:


I would say. Stay away from people who put their LINE on their profile. They’re escorts.

Don’t swipe on girls who tell you they’re horny and will sleep with you if you do one small favour by adding their Instagram and following their requirements.

They’ll send you to a scam site.

You might could “pull” more “chicks” if you get one of those trolley things they have at the airport.

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Like…that doesn’t sound creepy at all…….duuuuuude.


Well that’s not fair. Workin’ ladies have to eat, too.


I believe the correct PUA term is “bimbo basket.”


Now you’re just making shit up.

OP, have you had any success negging in Mandarin?

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pickup life what can i say

why’re u hating on the lingo? would you rather i say retrieve women and bring them back to my hotel room

You know to watch out for gangster molls at ATT, right?

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I actually just read about that on hear after being in taiwan for a month this summer. The more you know

Hey, let’s stay on topic here.

Generally it takes 3 dates for a bang.

Occasionally you get them over on the first night, but those ones are usually major clingers and have problems.

Go deep into Taipei County, or better, Tainan for the best results.


Can you read Chinese? If so then TanTan is an option.

Staying off of a stretcher seems like an important component of a good date.

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