Tips for cheaper flights?

We need to buy FIVE tickets to Taiwan in August. I know it’s high season, but can’t change that. Two questions:

  1. GENERAL INFO: Does anyone have any advice on times, dates carriers, etc. that have historically been good deals? Or know a great travel agent who specializes in TW flights?

  2. Part of the high cost for us is also that we’re not leaving until June. Can’t buy on a discount site if your return date is that much longer after departure date. Any thoughts on getting around this? One way tickets don’t seem much cheaper.


Have you tried the skyscanner site?

No; thanks! Will do.

Momondo is also worth a try. :slight_smile:

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Where are you flying from?

I have been looking for flight tickets, however Skyscanner doesn’t haven’t all the airlines. Most notable they don’t have “V Air” or “Tiger Air” on their system, and I have been able to sniff some great deals with those airlines. So it’s worth checking out those two airlines to see what they have got.

You didn’t state where you are flying from. Those two airlines are based in Asia.

Kayak has V air and Tiger Air tickets.

Duh; sorry. Flying from east coast, USA. Usually take Eva flight from JFK, but it’s listed at like $1500 right now (probably too early).

If anyone has a card for China airlines they have some very cheap seats for sale in an offer just now . I saw London for around 15,000 ntd , Manila for less than 4000 . Just in case anyone looking and has a card. 60th anniversary flash sale

I have found the best way is to go to an Asian travel agent. The kind that dont even advertise in English. We always get better pricing and they can often change flights or smooth over missed flights or date changes. Also reserve you flight as far in advance as possible. If you can fly out of JFK , LAX or San fransisco it’s MUCH cheaper
From JFK you will pay from $500 to $800.
Get an Asian travel agent. Its cheaper.
If you want I van PM you the agent we use but it might take a day or two to find it.

Seat sales are the best time to buy. I read Wednesday noon is cheapest for long haul flights.

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There are certainly some cheap deals . Cheapest I have seen from China airlines in many years. I have an Asian travel agent but she has only found cheaper stuff if well in advance or stopovers etc . , at least so far .

A suggestion would be to buy a ticket that flies out of Hk. Fly from Taiwan to Hk to wherever. Hk has lots of great deals.