Tips for quarantine upon landing

Hello fine people. I am busy planning my trip to Taiwan. I have an APRC valid until late 2022 and a Taiwanese wife with passport.

I am a bit confused as to what happens at the airport and thereafter. I need to get a “quarantine hotel” - okay I have found some online. Do I just need to show the powers that be my booking? Would you recommend a tactic in this regard? I have read some posts where they say AirBNB is an option. What is this I hear of a government rebate for the cost of quarantine. If you know about this I would appreciate you elaborating.

What about the phone tracking business? Do I need to get a local SIM in the airport or would roaming suffice? What sort of queue would you expect for this?

Do I need a COVID test coming from Australia?

Any other info you think is pertinent would be welcome.

Once again, much obliged for any experience in this area you are willing to share.

Someone may post more direct information later.

Meanwhile, if you check #covid-19 or search “quarantine”, you may find many threads on quarantine, and other information you are looking for.

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You can check this link where you can register into the " Quarantine System for Entry"

This is the information that might help you answer your questions:

    • In order to conduct electronic tracking for community concern, inbound passengers please act in concert with using our country’s telecom number (SIM card can be bought in airport after arriving) and personal cellphone(1 cell per person) for declaration. Nevertheless, special occasions, including, but not limited to children under 12 years old also having the same home quarantine location, is permitted to share the same cellphone for declaration.
    • All inbound travelers are required to stay at a quarantine hotel to undergo home quarantine if you don’t have a separate room (including a separate bathroom) or if you live with elderly people 65 years old or older, children 6 years old or under, or persons with chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or lung disease, etc.).
    • Moreover, Inbound travelers who enter the main island of Taiwan may not undergo home quarantine on offshore islands.
    • Please log in the system 48 hours before the flight arrives Taiwan in order to maintain the data correctness.

For booking information of quarantine hotels, please check.


APRCs don’t expire.


Passports do and your APRC is linked to it. As long as you don’t leave the country no one cares about the APRC, but I really don’t know what happens if you’re traveling. Passport # changes and therefor you should update the APRC.

OP’s maybe will be cancelled after two years absent.

That would make sense.

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We, wife and I got back 11 days ago and the process was pretty simple. Wear mask all the time!

  1. Download the app and fill it in 48 hours before landing. Saves a long queue on arrival. If not, they help you fill it in anyway.
  2. You will both need individual local SIM numbers so they can check on you every day, you have to respond before 12 or they come knocking.
  3. Going through immigration is then easy, as normal especially if you are e-gate registered.
  4. Pick up your luggage.
  5. There are then designated taxis for either journeys north or south with a reception desk. You fill in your address and can pay by CC.
  6. Driver comes sprays you and the luggage in disinfectant and off you go to your chosen location. ( we went home. -not hotel).
  7. Cops come by first day to check on you give you a goodie bag of cleaning stuff, township may also check on you.
  8. Get calls throughout the 14 days see if you are ok, mentally and physically.
  9. Bring plenty to do for 14 days e-books, jigsaws, games or you may go stir crazy.
    Good luck you may need it. PM me if you want anything more :+1:t2:

They are always fun!

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I may test that should I get lonely or bored.

Quarantine in AirBnB and other short-term rentals is now strictly forbidden in Taipei and this is enforced


Thank you for the information chaps. I will pour over it and devise a way to get things going.

Let’s hope it is not too much pain. We will be booking a hotel and they seem to be very busy!

Anyway, you’re always welcome to add in any other pearls for us.

I think I need to get a PCR test in Aus before arriving - is this true?

The rebate I believe is NT800/day - where do we get that?

Thanks again.

Try to sign up for a local sim card with unlimited data - you can use it for home wifi during and after quarantine. We got GT 智慧生活 ( and pay 299 NT/month for unlimited everything.

Isn’t that for Taiwanese citizens only?

Can you pickup a GT SIM at the airport upon arrival?

You can pick up a GT prepaid SIM at Taoyuan, but I believe the postpaid SIM plans must be purchased at a store. See:

Yea, I just did this Sunday. As you walk out towards Customs, they’ll ask the line who doesn’t have a SIM card and pull those folks out to the right. Then there are tables where they’ll hook you up. Then you scan some Rorschach square and get the CDC app on yer phone and buh bye yer on yer way.

My Taiwanese partner said it applies to both. I will have to check this. A source says it is limited to Taiwanese citizens and permanent residency holders. I have a spousal ARC which is not quite the same as an APRC. I have no idea if that classifies me as a permanent visa holder. I just tell potential employers it is an APRC as for their purposes their is little difference.

Apologies for resurrecting the thread but I really want to get this correct.

Would you guys say I am good if I get my COVID PCR test within 3 days of travelling and have my authorised quarantine hotel booked for the date I land?

I do not need any further permission to board a plane or enter Taiwan? My Spousal ARC that has not expired combined with the required test and our booking at the hotel which we will get to by using the special taxis will satisfy the officials. I think I have this right?

I am coming from Australia if that makes any difference.

Flying now is quite an unpleasant endeavour to say the least!

If you have an active ARC and not traveling from the Philippines, you aren’t required to have the test. Rules do change so refer to the government sites for the latest news

You can only take the quarantine taxis or be picked up by someone. No public transit.
Airlines are also up to date on the rules.

My husband arrived last week. I picked him up and he is quarantining now at home as we have separate spaces. Because he did not have an ARC, he had to get a special entry visa, the PCR test 3 days prior boarding, proof of insurance, etc.

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