Tips for travel in HK?

Hi there, off to Hong Kong next month, wondering if anyone knew of any off the beaten track places worth a visit. I have the LP Guide. the plan so far is couple of days shopping for software and cameras, day in Macau, day on an outlying island or two, two days in the new territories (not sure exactly what though…)

Stanley Market is a cool place to go to if the weather is nice. You have to take a bus to the outer skirts of HK, maybe 1/2 hour from Central, and on the way you’ll see some great beaches and scenery. It’s a a shopping bazaar of export clothing stores and other cool gift items, etc. Relaxing afternoon, and the food there is great.

Also, visit the “junk” neighborhoods, most likely also written up in the LP. It’s worth paying those guys to take you on a little boat tour to see how people actually live on the water.