TK Playboys and Guests @ The Living Room March 30th!

Don’t miss this very special show, with your old pals The TK Playboys AND our most esteemed guests, David Chen & Conor Prunty!
You’ll KILL yourself if you miss it!!

I want the drummer.
I’ll fight his girlfriend for him, I don’t care.

I’ll be there! The TK Playboys kick arse!

Aw, irishstu, they kicked your arse again? Sit with me, I’ll protect you.

Bad TK Playboys!

Careful with the outing of sexual preferences there Iris. It’s not allowed. Just as well you made a typo so that not everyone will notice what you’re really saying.

What a fine show it was.

We all arm-wrestled tash for the drummer. Later in the evening, a plaintive cry could be heard from the ladies; ‘But I’ve been doing my 5kg dumbells all week! Sniff. Sniffle.’

I got a kiss from the lead singer!

I fancy the one on the right, he should be in movies.

Who didn’t?