To bring clothes, or buy clothes?

I’m going to be in Taiwan for one year starting September… I led myself into thinking that I would be able to buy clothes cheap there, so I’ve been holding off buying clothes while I’m still in Australia.

But from reading posts on forumosa, people say they’d rather get their clothes in HK, or when they go back home etc. I’m starting to think I might be better off bringing more clothes rather than packing light.

So, what’s the deal?

I thought that most of the people on this forum might be looking for American brand ‘respectable looking’ clothes. I’m 21, and don’t mind some Taiwanese fashion for people my age ::ducks head:: and don’t even mind wearing t-shirts with Engrish sprawled across them.

So, is it still going to be expensive to buy clothes (jeans, t-shirts etc.) and shoes (nike, adidas, puma etc.) ? Aren’t there factory outlets? Are the clothes sold at the night markets really bad quality, fakes, just not cool, or wearable?

I’ll be stopping over in BKK, so maybe I’ll buy clothes there before I arrive… hmmmm…

If you’re small, you should be able to find some decent looking, wearable stuff. :slight_smile:

Yay for short people! I’m a short people! Thanks for your reply.

You’d better be thin, too. Really thin.

:laughing: By small, I meant thin. If you’re short and thin, you will have absolutely no problem finding clothes here.

Yay for being short and thin! :smiley:

You can buy alot of good clothes at very good prices in Bangkok. Sneakers in Taiwan are a good deal.

Can you get cheaper real brand sneakers in Taiwan? I got some fake brand sneakers from Bangkok a few years ago, and I’ll never make that same mistake again. Bad for your feet and your back! :cry:

I’ve got Oz’s friends who always say buying clothes in Taiwan is cheaper. They love shopping a lot especially at the night markets. Ximenting is the best place.
IMHO, i’d prefer to buy clothes in HK Summer Sale it’s a huge bargain if you love casual stuffs @Giordano, Bossini, Bench, G2000 (It’s expensive in Taiwan)
For real brand snickers, Taiwan’s price is quite okay.

Yes you can get real brand sneakers like Nike, new balance …etc at prices from around 1200NT - 2500NT. RT-Mart’s Nike factory outlet is a good place to shop for them. Bangkoks copy Nike’s are crap. A good place to pick up clothes in BKK is in Ploenchit factory outlet shops next door to the Marriot on Sukumvit.

Dont know about Aussie prices but sneaks are more expensive in the USA than in Taiwan.

Yeah, it seems prices are better in Taiwan than in Austalia. And most of my Taiwanese friends have much nicer designed shoes, so I think I’ll wait until I’m in Taiwan to go shopping again.