To 'Non-Teacher'


If you hate Taiwan so much please go home.

I assume you are one of the ‘Just here coz my company doesnt really value me enough to send me to the supposed hot spots in Asia Expat brigade’


Thanks, I warrant my own thread - I appreciate the attention.

Taiwan IS a hotspot, as evidenced by the fact that I am in such good company - you, for instance.

When the contract is up, I will trampling old ladies and small children to get out, fear not.

Everyday, I ask myself: “Now why didn’t I pick the BLUE pill?”


I have no desire to ‘argue’ with you really, I just dont understand why you would be here if you hate it so much. I appreciate the $ arguement but really? Once you go back home you are just another sad little creature in the open plan office doing boring little persons work. I would bet money you are in advertising.


advertising, marketing, doesn’t matter. douglas adams (r.i.p.) prolly said it best-

the first up against the wall when the revolution comes

Originally posted by : ...Once you go back home you are just another sad little creature in the open plan office doing boring little persons work. I would bet money you are in advertising.

Why would you say that, unregistered ? Because Non Teacher has taste, a sense of aesthetics, of quality of life? What do YOU do here? And actually, what does it matter? I am sure Non Teacher makes great money - you sad person. Sounds like jealousy to me - are you stuck in an open plan office HERE in Taiwan doing little persons work?

Sad is a person who attacks others for telling the truth. Taiwan is NOT the garden of Eden (well, maybe AFTER Eve ate the apple).


I’m sad that Douglas Adams is no longer with us.

Now, back to the issues at hand:


The revolution has been postponed due to lack of interest. The would be revolutionaries are too busy running marketing consultancies and ad agencies to worry about putting anyone against a wall, except trade union leaders perhaps.

unregistered ,

When I go back home I won’t be leading the sad little person’s life you describe. I don’t think you really think that’s what I do. Let me guess, you are here studying Chinese, have fallen in love with the culture (spelt with a capital K?) and think Taiwan is just fab man. Great. Have a blast. You can stay 25 years, amount to nothing & think Taipei is beautiful too. You wouldn’t be Robinson Crusoe, there’s plenty more that fall into that category.


Hey Musasa!

You lookin’ at me again! I’m gonna have to kick your ass again!

Stop lookin’ at me boy!



That’s it boy. I know you’re lookin’ at me.

I’m going to give you a whoopin’!



so jolie is non0-teachers wife i’d say, following him around the world.

no i am not studying chinese, i am not in love with the culture. i just happen to think taiwan isnt that bad. taipei is a big asian city, nuff said.

i have a pretty good idea what you do - either advertising or marketing. quite obvious. your wife jolie is probably in the same field.


obvious, or whatever your name is at this precise moment,

You are SO wrong in your last post.

I don’t see why you’re getting so worked up…

I think Bangkok is an big ugly city, but I love it. I think Singapore is a big clean city, but it’s boring. KL has poverty, but it is a fantastic place… I think Taipei is ugly, and what happens - get out, go home, you don’t belong here!

In all fairness, I haven’t seen enough of Taiwan, I will in time, and I know, because I believe much of what people have posted, that there are a great number of beautiful places on the island. And my box of bitter memories will sit next to the (albeit smaller) box of fond memories, which is derived from meeting nice people who live her, locals, expats and visitors.

With all that ‘said’ I think this is all getting a little boring. And if it’s boring to me, I can’t imagine how dull it is others… I can’t spend any more time on this. See you next week if you’re still around, perhaps on a more interesting thread.


see - this is what it is all about - up front-ed-ness (??) if you explained yourself this way straight up there would have been no confusion. i have met many expats here who are here soloely for the $, they never leave the apartments and complain constantly about how dull and horrid the island is. i am glad you hope to get out more and see new and interesting things.

perhaps we should start a ‘great places to visit in taiwan’ thread?

I sincerely apologise if i have in any way caused offence to your or others, i meant no harm, i just get heated on this topic. i am not a sandle wearing english teacher and i am not an expat packaged person. as i should not stereotype expats, you should not assume all non-expat foreigners must be here teaching english (and also wear sandals). some of this cities top foreign ibankers and consultants, ad people etc are locally employed foreigners. some are here for love, happen-stance, work whatever.

do you hike? ride a bike? surf? snorkel? ski? you CAN do it all here, just please be patient, look around.



I haven’t met any western expats who in Asia ONLY for the $'s (well, except a colleague who spent 2 years in Guangzhou in the mid-1990’s, which is fair enough).

I look forward to your new thread ‘Great Places to Visit in Taiwan’.

And bacause a leopard cannot change his/her spots I have to put in just ONE negative comment on the way out…

Please, no one include Tamshui on it.

NT, out.


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Backing up a bit…
I have heard, “Well, if you don’t like Taiwan, you should leave,” or words to that effect many times.
How many Americans living in the United States have been asked to leave the country who have said that they don’t like things where they are?
That’s a cop-out, pap and vacuous statement. There are a lot of things here that really torque me, and I complain about them long and hard, but at the end of the day I am still here – paying taxes, trying to earn a living and making the best of things.
There are many good aspects of living in Taiwan as well, I might add.
But people who say, “If you don’t like it here leave,” have a shallow grasp of human nature and the ways of the world.