Toilet water continuesly running while outside

no question, i blame myself for this.
before leaving the house, i went to toilet and flushed it.
well, coming back 3 days later i noticed the water still running.
(refillinng the tank, but it did not stop once fuel).
I have no idea when this actually started, but i guess right
after the flush, so never ever immediate leaving thehouse.
Anybody got an idea what to expect on my next water-bill?
Is the toilet-water billed in a cheaper way than the normal tap-water?
I just recently paid my last water-bill, and of course i have to wait,
but if anybody got a similar stupidity already beforem, i would appreciate
the amount i have to pay extra
So, the shock is too that big
Thank you

Well I’m afraid to say that your toilet water is the same as tap water. A ridiculous wastage I know, but you can at least drink the water out of the tank if you loose your water supply.

Your water flow and how much you wasted will be dependant upon the pressure of the water to the tank’s tap and how large the tap’s outlet is, so nobody can tell you exactly. An average toilet uses about 8 litres of water per flush. If your toilet tank is about an average 8 liters, then you can time how long it takes for the tank to fill back up from flushing, then you can multiply 8 liters by how many filling times longer you were away.

Of course more modern toilets use less water to flush, but the only acurate way of finding out how much yours uses, is by asking the manufacturer. Better yet, just check your bill at the end of the month. :laughing:

Why would the tank fill up and then flush? Isn’t it more likely that the water runs right through?

Three days isn’t really that long. I would guess a few thousand NT dollars tops. Water isn’t really that expensive in Taiwan.

I remember once when I was young, a neighbor went on a 3-week holiday trip. He didn’t properly close one window on the 1st floor. Bad mistake. Some asshole kids saw the open window and a garden hose nearby. Open window? Garden hose? Mmmh, let’s do a little experiment…

On top of the significant 3-week water bill, the neighbor had to refurbish his whole first floor…