Tokyo schools drop hair colour and underwear colour mandates

Wack things in Japan!


Who is checking the underwear?

I imagine a lot of competition for that job, knowing Japan.


School administrators


Lmao I was joking, but okay :joy:

Ohhh… that went over my head. :sweat_smile:

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Underwear color? So glad Japan has officially proven they are fucking perverts…


I remember the one case mentioned in the article, where the girl had naturally brown hair but she was forced to keep redyeing it black to fit in with their f*cked up regulations (I word it this way because of the underwear thing as well). Yes, Japanese culture can be amazing but this kind of stuff is way past its expiry date (like forcing people to be right handed). I’m glad at least Tokyo is changing.


Is one required to be a Leftie in Japan?

Just using that as an example of forcing something unnatural on students to fit in with the “norm.” I don’t know if this was a thing in Japan specifically, but forcing left-handers to write with their right hands certainly was a thing here in Taiwan as well as in the US (albeit 100+ years ago).


I assume that the underwear rule only applied to the females?

That would make it SO much worse.

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Worse, yes.

Logical, yes.

Prosecute~able, yes?


Will this have an effect on the vital used-schoolgirl-panty vending machine market? I always figured that had an opportunity for scammers, with some underground factory with South and South-East Asian immigrant men sitting around wearing school girls’ panties to supply the fake-underwear market.

My son, who is half westerner and very blond, got grabbed by his junior high principal in Taitung and hauled down to the office and accused of dying his hair. Had to get confirmation from home it was natural colour.


This is so damn bizarre to me.


Really? Thats a bit infuriating, but also hilarious. Good chance toget the upper hand on face for the rest of his shool years there though.


If that happens to me, I gladly go to the school to provide a very loud and clear confirmation.


Do it strategically . I see 2 options.

1: you go lose your shit and feel amazing ego gratification, but cost your kids a lot of pain over the years to come. Or,

2: you shed your opinion calmly and semi publicly first (ie. In front of administration, a few teachers etc). Then ~PRIVATELY~ rip the shit out of the principle, making sure his/her assitant is outside listening and making sure he/she assumes you assume he/she isnt listening. After ripping said douche bags’ ass right open, calm down, smile and provide for a face saving way out. In the past i have offered english outings for students which makes his performance levels climb, while owing you even more!

This = you own them for however long your kid goes to that school.

Just be fair, factual and dont overstep your bounds. These assholes are so broken and fragile, they become as easy to control as an rc car…just dont get so egotistical you think said rc will climb a mountain, and dont driwn yourself in a river.

This is life in taiwan. Probably the world.

Only problem is you end up getting a lot of people you may not like showing up to your house because they are linely and crave the father figure they are missing.

I bet that isnt mentioned in the Taiwan Immigration handbook…

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Drop your drawers and wave your pubic hairs at him? :grin:

Who says you can’t dye those?

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No way, I don’t want to be fined for wearing an illegal underwear colour.

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