Tom Cruise - the 7-11 connection

So, I’m looking at this banner up for online games at 7-11 a couple of days ago. This banner’s been up for a while now, but it finally struck me - that guy sure looks like…wait…it’s… no, it couldn’t be… Tommie C. is kindly lending his likeness to an online game! I say good for him! And his topknot - good for that, too.

The little Hitler moustache is disturbing, though.

Reminds me of when I was in 7-11 recently and they had a Heineken promo linked to the purchase of a video by Avril Lavigne, and I wondered, “MY GOD! Do grown-ups buy such adolescent crap (Avril Lavigne, not Heineken)?” She looks like she’s 17 years old. Only in Taiwan can one find a person of beer drinking age naive enough to believe that crap is music. Or to spend money on it.

Looks more like a shadow to me.

Looks more like a shadow to me.[/quote]

Tom Cruise is a shadow of the man Hitler was? What just happened?