for those familiar with the Simpsons episode where Homer creates a tomato-tobacco hybrid, basically a tomato plant with nicotine… somebody actually grew one.


Tomacco Becomes A Reality!
October 29 ?Posted By Adam ?Source: KPTV

Rob Baur, a huge Simpsons fan, grafted a tomato plant to a tobacco plant,
grew it, and tonight he has proof from the lab that it worked. “What we
found was nicotine in the leaves”. said scientist Ray Grimsbo. The plant
grew off the tobacco roots and sucked up the nicotine, just like Tomacco on
The Simpsons. The lab hasn’t tested if the actual tomato has nicotine in it
yet, but they say it probably does. “Generally in the fruit there is more
material concentrated because that’s what everything’s going through to
produce the fruit for the next generation. I would expect there would be
more.” And that would make the real life tomacco plant very poisonous. Rob
Baur says he grew the tomacco plant just for fun, just to see if it would
really work. But what’s next for him? “I’ll have to review my DVD’s to see
if there is more Simpsons science available.”[/quote]

I can imagine the tobacco companies licking their lips with this news. a world where every fruit and vegetable market can provide market opportunities for Liggett etc.

Carrotacco. You can get your daily dose of beta-carotene and that rich, extra smooth flavour you expect from ****.

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I wonder if there is anything they could concoct using Uranium.