Tommy and Tammy’s bay area (and other) adventures

Cow palace dang think they only sell guns there now

It was the place at one time

Boogie down now !!! At least Earth Wind and Fire are good

Although the venue sound system is poor as they said it was

Ok I will stop
Bitchin and moaning at least other than me everyone around me seems to be having an awesome time and that’s great to see and hear

Great to see all the smiling faces and hear all the laughter !!

A seat won’t matter now as everyone is standing and you can’t see the stage anymore

Hey it’s all good !

Found a chair of sorts

Lots of cops on patrol even on perimeter in case anyone decides to come shoot up the place

Couldn’t see even like this

Made my way to the front and saw a bit of the concert
Santana got the crowd going with stuff from Abraxas but then lost the vibe a bit with some newer unknown stuff and didn’t touch on a lot of newer stuff that was a lot more powerful

Left early and couldn’t find my car for an hour among the 20 thousand cars there

Finally a little
Prayer was answered snd the car popped up

I spent 3 hours in 100 degree heat in my car with a broken AC and that wiped me out before the concert even started

Of old farts
Like me there because Santana is 70s man!!

But glad to see some twenties and 30 year olds there too

Plus quite a few harley riding grandpas and two with young chicks on the backs.

Grand daughters maybe ?

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Well that sucks - hate these money grabbing types of events…

Outdoor shows are a big no for me, due to the reasons you specified: expensive, bad sound, and worst of all threat of rain. Also normally have to drive (so can’t have a proper drink) or camp (too old).

At least it’s an experience - have fun! :sweat_smile:

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Evil ways at shoreline