Too US-centric?

Just did a quick check and ten of the first 20 posts in my feed are all about US politics and society. With all the usual suspects posting in them.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but this is a Taiwan forum and Americans are probably not in the majority on the boards. Ok it’s erection year and there’s shit going down all over the US but I’m thinking this is not really something we want for the forum. The content in those posts has little real value (as opposed to the absolute quality in my posts, seals et. al) since it’s the same arguments over and over.

Just an observation I thought I’d make. Not sure if we can do anything. I’m already muting certain threads.


You can start your own threads about whatever countries you want to talk about? I’d be interested to listen and hear other political arenas around the world.




Fuckyeah! All Blacks thread.


You can mute individual forums in Preferences/Notifications/Forums, or with the bell-shaped icon at top right (top center in mobile) of forum list pages.


Ok I muted the whole US politics forum. Seems to have worked. Although there’s a stubborn Trump thread still there.


That happens for various reasons, if you have the forum muted and toggle that thread to “Normal” at bottom (bell icon again) instead of “Watching” or “Tracking”, you won’t see it subsequently.

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That feels better already. Thanks @tempogain and @the_bear!

Go Springboks!


It’ll never go away. It’s huge. It’s the best thread. It’s probably, I mean we have the numbers, probably the best thread in the history of the flob.


Hang aan n tak…

At first glance, that was even more cringe worthy for someone without knowledge of rugby. I thought it was some kind of safe zone or something.

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I think Australia is a safe zone for the All Blacks :slight_smile:

Please, @the_bear, tell us more about the Machiavellian machinations of Kiwi politics. We’re dying to know!

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In Jezza we trust.

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It has been getting even more US centric, more to do with who the frequent posters are than anything else I guess.

#rightwingblowhardsrus :rofl:


Same on local or international TV, newspapers, gossip-rags, sitting around the dinner table, at the bar, etc. Lots of US-centric everywhere, especially lately with Trump.

I think the forum is too Taipei-centric. But if people from other cities don’t want to talk or join, then… :idunno:

I want to see a southern hemisphere fight! :popcorn:

Taipei because we got the numbers. What we don’t got is seppo numbers. Prolly more Canadians than the others.