Top 10 fiction books on Taiwan

Has anybody read any of these novels?

I like the look of ‘Taiwan Tales’.

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I couldn’t seem to find any of the Parties Political Manifestos in the list ?

I liked Pail of Oysters - set during the 1950s or so, if I recall.

I’ve also got Kindle editions of Green Island and Taiwan Tales, but haven’t read them yet. Note that Camphor Press is a great source of reading material - they post here reasonably often.

I couldn’t open your hyperlink.

Their website seems to be misbehaving - on my computer (iMac using Safari), it takes about 20 seconds to open.

I’ve heard good things about Qiu Miaojin’s “Notes of a Crocodile.”

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Mine too.

Here’s a new one “Loveboat Taiwan”.

LOL finally someone tackled that topic, :rofl:

I read this book. One of the most egregious errors - the claim that in Taiwan, everyone uses WeChat to communicate.

It’s another Asian-American YA contemporary novel that’s ostensibly about romance but really all that regular growing up stuff + Asian parents. It’s a popular genre at the moment.

Easy to confuse the book with the documentary “Loveboat Taiwan”.

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The “love boat” topic (ahem) has also been tackled in this documentary film shown in Taiwan:

EDIT: paperclip beat me to it!



Oh I missed both. Being a witness to this historic event I am glad it has been caught on film and word.