Top 10 Most Popular Countries for North Americans Expats

Surprise, Taiwan is on the list of top ten

I’m going to guess that would be driven more by Canada than the US.

Seems like a totally made up list.

According to the NIA, there are only 11,861 American residents, 2,568 Canadian residents and 216 Mexican residents in Taiwan.

Much larger numbers of Americans and Canadians live in other countries.

Says who?

Was it some kind of organized legitimate survey?

The NIA doesn’t count Taiwanese dual citizens of Canada or Huaciao of Canada.

Canada does.

Uruguay and Ecuador are on the list? Er, okay. :man_shrugging:

And there’s more western expats in both Japan and South Korea than Taiwan, but neither is on the list… which is odd. What is this based on?

Uruguay is nice, a cheaper Southern EU like place with high standard of living. Uruguay seems to be for South America very open and feels more like your in Italy (being many people have some roots from Italy or Spain in Uruguay) than say Brasil.