Top 10 Q&A For Beginners

Just trying to get a sense of the “normal accepted” top ten (in most bushiban settings) questions for kids to learn/memorize/regurgitate.

You know, like “Whats yo nam?”

How old are you?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

What day is your birthday?

What time is it?

How many __________ are there?

Teacher, may I go to the bathroom? (The one question you’ll get asked 10 times a class)

For beginners, right?

How are you?
How’s the weather?
What day is today?
What’s your name?
How old are you?
What’s this/that?
What are these/those?
Is it a_____________?
What do you like? (Do you like…?)
What can you do? ( Can you…?)
What color is it?
What’s your favorite color?
What do you have?
How many ___s are there?

How big is your little chicken?

Almost sound like a Zen koan.

How are you?
How old are you?
What’s your name?
What is this?
What day is it today?
What time is it?
What color is this?
How many X are there?
What’s your favorite color/food/etc.?
What is the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?

  1. Where are we going?
  2. Fine, how are you?
  3. Fine, how old are you?
  4. How do you spell ____?
  5. What is this/that/these/those?
  6. Where is this/that/these/those/your ____?
  7. Is this a(n) ____?
  8. Do you have a(n) ____?
  9. How many ____s are there?
  10. Do you like _____?
  11. Who is he/she/it/they/me?
  12. How long until your GMAT test?

Or alternately, you could rely on the following question generator chart. Start at the left. You can include or omit a word from any of the following columns as long as the result makes a gramatically correct question, but don’t forget to put a question mark at the end:

Why…are…we…[Be verb]…those
When…can…they…[Action Verb]…he/she/you/
…doesn’t…that…[Action Verb +ing]…

For my first example, I take “can” from the second column, put it together with “he” from the third, and add “swim”, an [action verb] from the fourth. That makes “Can he swim” and then I put a question mark at the end to make it kosher.

  • Can he swim?

For my second example, I take “How” + “do” + “you” + “spell” + “your name” and, hey presto, I’ve got:

  • How do you spell your name?

Related questions for further inquiry: What are the top ten buxiban be verbs? action verbs?