Top 10 Rated Topics

I tried to bring this up before:

How come the list of Top 10 Rated Topics changes completely every time I refresh the Segue Forum Index? Is that the way it is supposed to be? And how come you can find threads there that have only been rated by one person?



I think that those topics are all a perfect 5, and the software is shuffling them at random.

Is it possible to display more topics, say 20, so that a pecking order is visible ? At the moment, if a topic doesn’t have a perfect 5, it will never be displayed at all.

And does it really make sense to include topics that have been rated as a 5 by just one person? It’s probably a software thing and might not be possible to change? However, one single rating is not really significant IMO.

Anyway, I always stumble across interesting threads I hadn’t seen before by checking the top 10 rated topics :slight_smile:


I think the topic ratings should be from 1 to 10 instead of from 1 to 5. And also what hexuan said.

I accidently rated a topic ‘terrible’ the other day, but meant to give it a top rating. Is there any way to fix up your vote. It was for the OWP topic in the legal thread. :blush:

I’m also confused about how the Top 10 mod works.

I’ll be looking into it over at in case there are any fixes or better versions. If you anyone sees something over there before I do, please shoot me an e-mail directing me to the URL so I can review.


Any word about my question there Gus?

Sorry, amos, I haven’t had the time to look.

It took me long enough just now to track down the following links:

With these links, I’m now on square 1. I’ll look into actually reading them later this week.

I’ve spent way too much time on Segue tonight. 'night.

OK, I figured some things out about the Ratings mod that I should have realized if I was paying attention from the start. I didn’t find it by browsing the phpbb and phpbbhacks forums. I simply took a long hard look at the Configuration Panel of the Top Ratings section and then trying things out. I ought to do this more often

Yes. There are two ways: (1) I’ve expanded the bottom list to 15 (woo woo!); or (2) go to to see the Segue 50 Favorites

No, it doesn’t – so I’ve raised the number of raters to 5. Originally, I made it 20, but – well – that wiped out the list (as of today, the most number of people who rated a thread was 13 :frowning:)

We can easily rate this when the ratings volumes get too unwieldy (yeah, right :wink:)

Yes, I’ve flicked the switch that allows you to change your votes. Forgive me for taking this long to figure it out