Top-10 things I miss the most about Taiwan that I can’t experience in crappy England

20 years ago on this board, it would have been top of the list.

What changed?

The randy singles in their 20s eventually married tigers and have metamorphized into middle aged eunuchs. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ah. I’ve met a few of their kind.

Hehe. But somehow it seems you are also calling the new generation of men sissies…to be fair, they do have excellent skin, and their hands are as new as a baby’s.

As an aside. why dont the taiwanese lads get some top 10 action? Sure, taiwanese women look amazing, but that alone doesnt make them top 10 material. What about their personalities, their lives of morals and loyalty, lack of superficial tendancies, independence, deep sacrifice for iur health and environment etc? Is that what got them into the top 10 20 years ago? How about them boys? Does their mistress level relationship with their parents mean nothing to potential mates? Are you merely suggesting western women care nothing of local cock whilst foreign men are foaming at the mouth over local p*ssy?

Shallow i say. Shallow.


I think these days (and I have been happily married for decades) you would likely need to get any potential mate to sign ten forms of consent to protect yourself.

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Where am I
What thread is this
Why am I here ?


Air conditioning.


The only people shaming you are those who don’t get to benefit from that upgrade. Comparing myself to the local population, me going from SF to Taiwan makes me taller, hotter, more interesting, with a bigger dick and a larger bank account. In SF I’m just one more nerd. In Taiwan I’m Steve Jobs. Virtually anybody on Earth would take that upgrade any day.

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Keep heading west. In Thailand you’ll get a better upgrade.

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The secret to being a she-tiger is never taking ‘no’ for an answer. My wife, for example, has a superhuman ability to ask me the same question over and over again across a span of months until she finally gets the answer she wants. She’s a force of nature. “No!”, “No fucking way!”, “Over my dead body” are mere speed bumps to her on the road to getting what she wants. I never saw anything like it growing up in America.

A word to the wise contemplating marriage to a “demure,” twenty-something Taiwanese woman.


I don’t mean to be rude, but why do you eat shit?
My wife’s a force, too, but I’m not just going to sit back and let her dictate my life to me.

I don’t let her push me around but that doesn’t stop her from pushing and pushing. Plus she’s getting worse with age.

Starting to understand why so many people cheat in Taiwan and there are brothels everywhere?