Top 5 things to do in Kaohsiung?

Going to Kaohsiung for a business meeting and stay for a couple more days around the Sizihwan area.

Any recommendations for places to visit? BTW, my mandarin is terrible so if anyone is around Kaohsiung, love to meet up!

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas龍虎塔 are nice place to visit. About 20 minute drive from where you will be, big car park on South End of the lake. Fo Guang Shan is also good place to visit in the foothills in Eastern end of the city (about 30-40 min. drive)


Pier 2 is a lot of fun. And afterwards go for a bike ride down Love River.


Take a walk from Pier 2 up the pedestrian bridge to Glory Pier after sunset. It’s worth it :smiley: Or rent a bike and cycle all the way up to the HSR station in Zuoying along the old railway track.