Top Ten Afghan Oud Songs

Of course this is joke. Obviously there are so many great tunes that nobody could really pick one over another.

Here are a few of my favorities:

(deleted… after listening to them again.)

never mind.

Actually, isn’t the Taliban still in power? Music is haram!

This top ten stuff is getting out of hand.
Shall everyone think of a top ten topic and post a new one?

I like Death to the American Infidels.

“Rock The Casbah”?

There are some catchy tunes, but personally I find Afghan oud music to be terribly derivative. It is basically just a rehash of things done before, and better, in the Sudan.

That’s the inspiration for it all isn’t it? Maaan…

That’s the inspiration for it all isn’t it? Maaan…[/quote]

Hurt Me, Hurt Me, But the Burkha Stays on

by Samantha Al-Fox