Topic Books

Hi Folks,

I am looking for some topic books that list several words in subject categories. They must be in both English and Traditional Chinese.
I already know about books like Word by Word and Conversations in English, and Let’s Blah Blah Blah. These are books that help teach English, but I use them the other way around, it’s quite effective.

Specifically I am looking for books that cover the following topics:
Medical terms - diseases and illnesses
Business words

I have never seen something like this available. I know there is a Chinese/English Medical dictionary available, but I cannot find it now, and I am really looking for something that is not in the form of a dictionary.

Anyone know where I can find these things?


This is not much help, but I once saw what you are looking for at Eslite. It was a big detailed picture dictionary with Chiense and English (I think it had zhuyin or pinyin too). Unfortunately I couldn’t find it again :frowning: I wish i’d bought it then. Anyway, keep looking, I’m sure there’s at least one book out there.


Hmmmm Eslite is always like that, one week you can find something and the next week you cannot. They do have a lot of English topics books but all of these are basically all the same. They have many picture books, like Word by Word, but I haven’t found anything significantly different.

Why not just search the Net (if you just want word lists, bilingual) using a couple of likely inclusions in both English and Chinese plus (possibly) the word “glossary”? I get a lot of glossary lists that way.

Anyway, it’s free!

Because I want a book that I can carry around with me.

I will search the net to try to find some of these, but I really want a hard copy in a book form, I don’t want to print it all out.

What sites do you use ironlady to find word lists? Thanks

I just Google them. Like I said, I search on one or two English words that would likely appear on my “dream list” and then their Chinese equivalents (if I know them) or a very common Chinese word like “de5” or “zhe4” or something like that (just to make sure there’s Chinese text on the page along with the English.) You can add the word “glossary” too in English if you like – many times that’s in the title of the page or its URL. This method seems to turn up quite a few decent glossary lists (the Hong Kong government is particularly generous about hanging them out for people to copy, er, refer to!) :laughing:

Thanks again! Though I am still hoping for some references on books! :smiley: