Curious. How does the number 13 impact you? Are you afraid of it, steer clear of it, don’t worry about it, etc?

In diff countries, diff attitudes about 13. Here of course, no worry, 13 has no meaning, except thru Hollywood movies.

But for you, expat central, what does did will 13 mean to you here and in your home country?

And if you are an alien, then in outer space?

Thirteen is not a scary number in taipei. I live on thirteenth floor and I ain’t triskaidekaphobiac.


13 doesn’t worry me. But look a bit more closely.

13 => 1 +3 = 4

Ohh dear, this will strike terror into the hearts of the Taiwanese.

Back in Indonesia they have plate number like
4747 and 5757 and they said it’s great lucky number.
here’s the analysis.
4 = empat, shortened as pat
5 = lima, shortened as ma
7 = tujuh , shortened as juh

4747 = pat-juh pat-juh soundlike pacu-pacu (speedup speedup)
5757 = ma-juh ma-juh soundlike maju maju (go forward, go forward)


Though 13 is considered an unlucky number in Germany I am not superstitious myself and would happily live on the 13th floor or leave my house on Friday the 13th.

The Sandcastle is a number 13.

I had my car broken into up in Bitan (sandman???) and trod in dog poo this last Tuesday 13th :shock: . I’m a believer now.

Where I grew up in the US, the number thirteen isn’t always bad, in fact it just means something unusual or lucky will happen. Of course, it always remind me of those Friday the 13th movies.

Maybe we should also have a close look at 17?

13 in the “West”
+4 in the “East”
=Double risk?

[quote=“X3M”]Maybe we should also have a close look at 17?

13 in the “West”
+4 in the “East”
=Double risk?[/quote]

Bloody hell, in that case I’m doomed – I live at no. 13, Alley 17.