Topless foreigners!

From today’s Taipei Times:

“To support his remarks, Wang showed video footage during the press conference supplied by his informer. The footage depicted scenes of people, some topless, dancing by a fire and others allegedly smoking marijuana.”

Gee…I think I smell a whiff of XENOPHOBIA in the air…

I saw this footage many times yesterday on the TV news. They must have played it every ten minutes there for a while. They kept repeating that it was a “waiguoren” party. I didn’t see one waiguoren in the footage. Maybe they were Asian waiguoren?

There are already two different threads on this topic: Foreign Population Slandered by Legislator and Huashan Foreigner Drug Scandal.

Don’t worry too much about what legislators say. My boss and basically everybody I know calls them ‘those piggies’ in Chinese so no-one respects what they say. However it’s good if someone is organising a little protest cos anti-foreigner and drug mania stuff is getting out of hand (and they haven’t even gone to ChungLi yet!!!)

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