Touch in the very first time!

I eager to know what are bars and clubs like?Because I know most of westners go to bars or someplace alike in their free time.I have to say I suck because I never go to places like bars or clubs.However I think it’s the time to experience bar culture and something.
So,what should I know before going to a bar?Will it be easy to talk to strangers there including westners?I’m not really good at drinking,so what sort of alcohol should I try first?

You should drink beer. Six pints should be enough to do it. A ‘pint’ is a big glass about the size of 1 1/2 of those small bottles.

As for talking to other people, including westerners, that will get easier and easier the more ‘pints’ you drink

By the sixth ‘pint’ this will be you on a table (or even the bar):

Excellent post Bri.


If you give us more personal detail about yourself, the Oriented community may be able to tailor a strategy for you. This info includes sex, age, and anything else about yourself that applies.

Yep, some more info would be usefull. Not that I am an expert in those things and hardly know Taipei, but do you tend more towards coffee houses or places with life music (any recommendations btw?) or else? I hardly drink, too, but like places with some good music and nice people around.
Been to a few bars with a friend but they all were pretty quiet, however perhaps a better place to start a conversation than a club/disco. “Hi, how are you?”, “Haeh, what did you say?” …

like a virgin, not for long.