Touch rugby in taoyuan

Hey everyone, we are a bunch of guys living in taoyuan who want to start a regular touch rugby game. We are currently looking for the right location. If you have any ideas let me know. And of course we are looking for some guys to come join us as well, doesnt matter how good or fit you are, its just for fun. We are thinking about playing once a week on the weekend. As soon as we find the right location, I will post it here. It will be a good chance to get to know more people who lives in our lilttle town, as well as getting some exercise.


Are you guys still playing rugby on Saturday afternoons, I live in Taoyuan and teach English in the area. What time do you start as i need to do a bit of exercise i think.


If you guys want to make the trip, there is a pretty decent group of (~14) people who play touch here in Taichung. With summer’s heat and vacations and whatnot, we definitely wouldn’t mind a boost in numbers. We play at about 5 p.m. on Sundays.

PM if you’re interested.

We play on either saturdays or sundays. Unfortunately now almost everybody has an injury,hehe, so we are not playing now, but will hopefully soon be up and going again. If we can get our team going again and have enough guys, then maybe we can go play against the taichung guys. We have a group on facebook , called taoyuan touch rugby. We keep everyone up to date with times and dates of play. You are welcome to join.

The Taipei Rugby Union is backing a Touch Rugby Competition due to start on TUESDAY NIGHT, September 23 and to run for 8 weeks (BaiLing fields in Taipei). There is a development website (a wiki!) if you wish for more information and an entry form. Or you can email me directly on: