Toucheng Qianggu 頭城搶孤 Pole Climbing

Anyone know dates or details about Toucheng Qianggu 頭城搶孤 Pole Climbing in Yilan this year?

Googling this phrase seems to get the answer you’re looking for.

Yes I went through about 20 of those Chinese language websites and cannot find any exact dates, times or locations about the events. They only talk about the history and the planning and tradition but nothing specific on dates and times.

It starts today and goes through September 19th.

Does anyone know exact dates, times, and locations?

According to a book of Taiwan festivals that I have, the festival in Toucheng is the last day of Ghost Month which is the 29th day of the 7th month. This year that would be Sept 19th. No times are stated but all the photos show the pole climbing at night.

There is also a pole climbing festival in Hengchun on the 15th day of the 7th month (Sept 5th)

I can confirm the pole climbing is very late at night, and that area becomes a mess.
Last year there was heavy rain so I skipped it because riding the motorbike for 20kms at night under the rain is something I’d gladly avoid >_>

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A reminder that the Hengchun pole climbing festival is this evening.