Tour organizer

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, but:

I spent December, last year in Taipei, demonstrating and teaching ‘Clicker Training’ (check the internet) to those interested in a newer, kinder way of dog training.

I also taught the veterinarians at the Vet school in Taipei. I visited two pounds, was interviewed by 3 magazines. Great response, and I am now working on a project where N. American kids talk to Taiwanese kids about their pets. My goal is to change the cultural attitude toward animals.

What I am looking for at this time, is someone who is savy enough to manage setting up seminars/demos in all parts of Taiwan, and is able to work with the media. i.e. has past experience working with the media.

Perhaps you work for a company that would like to do this. Do Taiwanese companies get ‘brownie points’ for doing things helpful to their country? I don’t know.

Last year I donated my time, which was great, but I didn’t feel that the best use was made of my time. I’d like to cover a larger area, and be interviewed on television, which almost happened last time.

Saving homeless dogs is fine, but changing attitudes through education is, to my way of thinking, far more permanent.

Now I’d like to be paid for demos/seminars. I am in Canada, and don’t speak Chinese. This is not a problem for doing demos etc.

I’m looking for someone who can be my agent. THIS IS NOT A JOB. I have no idea what the perfect resume for this would look like. You would receive a percentage of the booking fee. I also need someone who can organize getting permission for my earning money in Taiwan, visa etc.

If, by chance, you know someone who is involved in the ‘dog world’ in N. America, or if you know someone who teaches ESL in Vancouver, BC, then there would be a slight chance that we may have people in common.

I do have contacts in Taipei from my visit last year, as well.

This visit could also cover Japan.