TRA Cruise Style Train Travel

I see some advertising but TRA and travel agents are not selling tickets. Are there cruise style train trips available in Taiwan?

Kind of false advertising. A cruise includes a room on the boat to sleep and unpack. Nothing like that in Taiwan. Minimally need to stay in hotel at each stop.

Kind of fun to have a room on a train where it would stop for day then move to next town but always have hotel room on train and food if possible.





Somehow riding a train and staying in hotels, normal travel, is being compared to a cruise. Just a travel package.

TRA said that rail cruise tours are an excellent choice for people who have no time to plan their own trips, as transportation, meals, hotel accommodation, visits to attractions, and guided tours are all included.

Oooh perfect! A way to explore Taiwan since that is the only country I can travel in right now anyways.

Another Tango42 Topic saved!

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We did one last year. Was OK. But honestly, it’s easy to do it on your own. We did the Taichung-Taitung one. One thing ordinary travelers don’t experience is stopping at the tiny station of Fangye in the middle of nowhere. Kind of cool.

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