Trade Offices' Lists of Attorneys

Most of the countries with a trade office here in Taiwan have some list of counsel. Normally they cannot provide any specific recommendations to steer business to any one firm, but they do provide contact information for law firms in Taiwan that have provided their details and, thus, signified an interest in representing foreigners and foreign businesses. These links are current as of the present but may change:

AIT (United States) general list of law firms:
AIT list of criminal-case law firms:

ACIO (Australia) list of law firms:

BTCO (UK) list of law firms: … eed-lawyer

CTOT (Canada) list of law firms: (Note: some of the firms are very much up-to-date, while there are some “zombie” entries for closed law firms on this list.)

AHK (German Trade Office) and the GI (German Institute): have lists of attorneys available upon request.

TOSI (Switzerland): has a list of attorneys available upon request.

ATO (Austria): has a list of attorneys available upon request.