If teaching taught me anything it’s that I don’t want a job that involves much stress. Does not suit my personality at all.
At this point I’m seriously considering taking up a trade, particularly after realising they actually can pay pretty damn well - particularly if you’re willing to go to the mines.
It got me wondering if you can ‘travel’ with a trade. What are the job situations like for that sort of thing. Not just in Taiwan (actually I have little desire to work in Taiwan these days, unless it were an overseas posting of some sort. Although I do miss it sometimes).
I hear you can do pretty well with a trade in the US, too. But I wonder about non-western countries. Japan and Singapore are places I’d like to spend an extended time in myself.
Just thinking. Part of me thinks it’s better to just work here and save money, and then take an extended trip to Taiwan or wherever when I can.

I figure the best jobs for travel are finance related or software. Or writing if you can cut it. You have a lot of migrant workers

Yes, maybe.

How about foreign trade? :thinking:

I know that’s a degree but what do you even do with it