Traditional Chinese medicine doctors who speak English?

Looking for a traditional Chinese medicine doctor in the Taipei area who speaks English. Thanks.

paging @joey0825!

If he doesn’t respond, he is one. he’s posted a lot here

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Hi jacobson8959
I am a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor currently practice TCM in Neihu and Gongguan area. Thanks to Forumosa and Blogger, I now have 5-6 foreign patients visiting me regularly. How can I help you?

You can reply here or write me an email:
You can also visit my blog to check out my clinic hours.
Thank you tempogain and Dr_Milker for paging me.


I’ll send you an email thanks!

If Dr Joey can’t help you, no one can :+1:

Dr Joey operates on the two extreme ends of too-far-to-hump for weekly treatments. Other idea?