Traditional Chinese Medicine opinions

Hmm…Maybe I should see TCM for my shoulder. PT hasn’t helped.

There’s another thread that discusses empirical studies on TCM.

A waste of time. All Taiwanese know that playing basketball makes you grow taller.

Nope, but if I wanted to pick a fight for fun I wouldn’t choose someone of his size and age lol
Not even lions do that

Hell yeah. Some pretty strong placebo effect too.
Sometimes things don’t go quite well. Wrong pressure point or something went wrong in the treatment.
the placebo effect works so well that I could not move my part of the body very well or without pain until a corrective adjustment was made.
Dang that placebo effect is so powerful that
It even gives me negative feelings and outcomes.
I wish I could access that bit the power without going to see the chiropractor or Chinese medicine practitioner.

Oh God, I’ve seen that one so many times in essays: “I play basketball to make me be taller”.