Traditional Chinese Medicine opinions

I was cycling a lot and really enjoying that.
Small back pain problem I’ve had a long time not to bothered about, BUT Tiawanese friends convince me to see Traditonal Chinese Medicine man. Really looking forward to him sorting it out.
Man he certainly knows how to f>>>>>> people up, back pain still there after 4 visits, horrendously bruised back, now suffering a lower hernia pain and sharp pain right lower back side. He told me no cycling for a month, just as well I can’t and have trouble walking now. Very disillusioned with Taiwanese life.
Friend who went with me says bad communication with him so he’s not sure whats wrong … she did all the talking!

Was this an acupuncture clinic, a tuina clinic, or a bone setting clinic?

Sounds like Maggie Mays clinic of ill repute.

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Why would you go to TCM for back pain? terrible idea. You need a physio.


Taiwanese friend of mine, in compliance with family wishes and tradition, went to Chinese medicine doctor with a sprained wrist. Did some therapy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture… almost lost his arm.

Huge swelling, turning red, pain, finally went to the hospital where they said arm was infected and could lose a part of his arm, and maybe life if sepsis set in.

Survived with arm intact thanks to western medicine.

Family didn’t want him to go to the hospital.


I disagree. I’ve been going to a traditional Chinese medicine chiropractor for almost 18 years.
I had an accident where I fell off my motorcycle and ended up on my back…
It gave me all sorts of problems. I went to one of the biggest hospitals in southern Taiwan for a scan. they told me that I really had nothing but normal deterioration and they gave me gigantic painkillers.
The family recommended a traditional Chinese chiropractor that uses everything including those big suction cups.In almost time at all I was getting back my regular motion. I have a small curve in my spine and every a few weeks or a few months I go there for a tune-up and it really makes a big difference.

TCM, acupuncture and chiropractic are utter superstitious quackery, with no scientific basis whatsoever.
But, hey, if the placebo effect works for you, what’s the harm?


Tooooo right I should have.
he was determined to hurt me! pushing down in my groin area hes says: does that hurt? I say no, he pushes harder until it does and now I feel like I have a Hernia, I know what it feels like as I’ve had one.
TCM never again and no more advice from Taiwanese involving health care.
I believe health care is very good here, modern medicine can’t beat it.
Friend just sent me this.

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Always good to take advice from someone who knows not what they talk about.

Well, esteemed doctor of yin yang and chi, please supply us with your scientifically reviewed research into the marvelous healing powers of superstition and folk lore.

Apparently the bruising is good and shows him where the problem is?
Advice no Beer, no Carbonated drinks, no cold drinks, no ice, nooooo ice cream. 34c out there you know!
Any how Thursday feeling quite down in the dumps I went on a beer binge, pissed enough to stumble having a shower and rip the cutain down :joy:
Friday hey magically back feels a lot better, today much much better back to cycling I think.

I once went to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine because I have a weak bladder and thought a herbal remedy might be what I need. He told me the weak bladder was caused by masturbating and I need to stop doing it entirely. For some reason, masturbating causes that symptom but sex with another person doesn’t. Crazy old man!

On the other hand, my mum has terrible back problems and goes for acupuncture through the NHS, which now accepts it as a legitimate treatment. She nothing but good things to say about how acupuncture helps her.

Clearly, some TCM is good and some is pure quackery.


I’ve only heard good about acupuncture certainly be my next option.
A clinic not some quacks appartment.

This is the problem, if he was legit he wouldn’t be working from some apartment or out the back of a van in the night market.

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I don’t believe it.

All my cousins took chinese medicine to make them grow taller for years. None of them became tall. I’m the only one that didn’t, and I’m tall. I’m the tallest person ever in my recorded family history on both sides.

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That’s interesting as to why your body was producing more HGH than the others in your family. You must have some theories to your extra height compared to those with close DNA ties to you.

Hamburgers and steak. That American diet!

I think diet played a big part. I ate pretty much exclusively meat and fish growing up.

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TCM stunts your growth?

Are you insinuating they not be that close?


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Probably not. But it sure doesn’t make you grow taller.