Traffic death rates Taiwan not so bad, same rate as USA

See Wiki link below, Taiwan at 12.4 per 100,000 is same rate as the States. I searched it after lots of driving (long distance) in the states and seeing really bad crashes (after, on the side of the highway/turnpikes, ect) I searched the data. It seems Taiwan is not as bad it seems. Places elsewhere where I drive a lot New Zealand, Japan and Ireland/UK have much lower rates, but Malaysia’s rate is very high which surprised me (I though maybe same as Taiwan but much higher)

As for United States, my observation is high speed makes lots of crashes deadly. Such as in poor weather (ice/snow/heavy rain) I see people driving really fast. On ice you need really slow down (Japan seems do a good job on this) but I still see people driving 120kph.

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I’ve noticed this before.

However it doesn’t really suggest that Taiwan isn’t so bad. Merely that the USA has a bit of catching-up to do.

If you look closer at the figures, the difference is most likely due to the sheer number of hours that Americans spend in their cars. Driving is inherently dangerous even in those countries that have got the relative risk down to a minimum, but the lifestyle and distances involved in American life mean that the lifetime risk is unacceptably high.

Taiwanese people spend very little time on the roads, often at low speeds. And I’ve noticed the roads are a LOT less chaotic than they were 20 years ago. You used to be able to stand at any given intersection and watch some idiot blast through on red on a scooter. Not anymore.

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Anecdotally I’d agree. I haven’t seen a really horrific scooter crash for a number of years. I used to see them every month or so, the kind of sickening accident where you really didn’t want to look as you went past.

I will agree that American drive more, but still driving habits could be better. In New Zealand where I drive more, NZ has a higher car ownership rate (than USA) and worse roads, but lower death rate. People in NZ (in general, still some crazy people) drive slower and most importantly care to have a safe trip. In America recently I saw one car hit another on a Texas highway at highspeed (70mph/112kph+) and spin the car, they pulled over the side of highway and had a fight on the centre lanes not at all worried about safety so it seems. This spring near Princeton (New Jersey USA), it had snowed overnight and roads had black ice (this was 6am, I had leave early to get to PHL Airport), cars were going the full speed limit (65mhp/110kph) a few slid of the highway (with major damage) and yet cars still speeding so sometimes I think Americans speed and not think about Safety. Next day I was in Dublin (IE) had adjust to the slower speeds , but Ireland has low death rate (like NZ).

Texas and Florida are their own little worlds inside USA. Good places to be if you’re an immigrant coming from 3rd world countries since you don’t have to adjust to anything lol.
Seen so many accidents that were surprising to me - like how do you overturn a car in one way highway.

Gun deaths are not so bad here in Taiwan, when you compare stats with the USA.

Incarcerations rates in Taiwan compared with the USA would posit that Taiwan is a crime-free paradise.

So safe, and the people are so friendly.

Everything is so great when comparing stats with the USA.

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Why would you compare with USA? Surely Taiwan should aim higher than such a low bar.