Traffic Fines

I got pulled over on my scoot on Sunday (after a couple of lunchtime pints) for doing a dodgy turn. The cop entered my reg number in his handheld thingy and my name and old address came up correct. He then scrolled down and started screaming and shouting about the figure ‘77’ on the screen. My Chinese is awful but it sounded like he was inferring that i had 77 unpaid fines. Could this be right? I bought the scoot new about 5 years ago and have ridden it pretty well every day since. I do drive like a bit of a mad man. I’ve never received any notification but moved straight after purchase. I have no licence.

Does anyone know how this can be checked on? Ideas?

Ummm, Mark, I think you’ve probably had plenty of notification – in the form of pretty photographs sent to your old address.

If you want to check, just go to the DMV place on Bade Rd. and change the address on your blue registration card to your new address.

They’ll check for outstanding tickets before changing your particulars.

Also, I think some of those tickets double in value if they remain unpaid. So, 77 tickets at NT$1,200 per pop comes out as NT$92,400.

OUCH! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Wouldn’t they have taken your license plate on the spot for that long a list?

That’s what i would have thought. I was hoping there was a way of checking without having to pay up. Dumping the scoot would be cheaper!

You can call up an automated service to check if there are any outstanding fines on a vehicle. I’ll check the number tomorrow. If it is 92000 or thereabouts, perhaps you should think about having it reported stolen some time ago…Did the cop check your ID when he pulled you over?

Can you not see if you can get a crashed scoot’s reg plate and swap it over ? I doubt if they’re really going to check the engine / chassis number.

Cheers SuperS54, a number would be great but please bare in mind i can’t speak chinese. I told the cop that my licence was at home. He was very nice but kept telling me that i’d have probs leaving the country. I’m sure that’s not true as i’ve left recently. I’m off to Bali on Saturday so i hope he’s not right.