Traffic in China

I know people are always saying ‘It’s worse in China!’, but really, it is worse in China.

Yup, cutting the left turns on a junction can provide lots of “entertainment”

A lot of drivers also seem to show some exaggerated sense of entitlement (5km/h car crashes)
I guess they thought their position in Communist Party should automatically give them right of way :slight_smile:

There is almost no traffic on the road, and yet the two vehicles there still manage to hit each other.
Problem 1: they can get driver’s licenses without actually being able to drive - no road test, and even if there is, bribery and guanxi takes care of any problem.
Problem 2: they’re not used to cars yet. Witness the people just standing on the road for no reason who get mowed down, and the drivers who don’t slow down or stop or take some evasive action when another car is obviously (to us) going to hit them.
Problem 3: they really do have an exagerated sense of entitlement - not that long ago, the only people with cars in China were high officials. Everybody else just had to get the hell out of the way. More and more ordinary people are getting cars, but that sense that a car is a special privilege reserved for special people, and everyone else is a worthless peasant who had better just get out of the way, is still the norm.

And actually, the traffic in that video isn’t bad. I’ve never seen a city street in China with so little traffic. Bicycles, cars, pedestrians, the odd bus and van, yes; but no donkey carts, no logging trucks, no animals milling around, nobody using the road to dry rice, no bicycle rickshaws.

Nobody taking a crap. Are you sure it’s China?

Another glaringly obvious example of Chinese people’s hate for everyone that is not their own family. The assholes don’t even try to stop and avoid hurting or killing, and you can’t convince me that they didn’t see them. Many of these are not accidents, they are simply prime examples of people that don’t care about other humans.

So sad.

I love the way that none of these are even accidents. They’re people simply refusing to acknowledge the existence of others. Two cars amble casually up to each other and collide without any attempt to avert the incident. A car sneaks up literally at footpace behind someone who is standing stock still, before knocking them over. A pair of bikes collide when people who can see each other 20 yards off simply do not change direction. The psychology involved is terrifying.

My goodness, that’s one lucky cyclist.

And the most frightening thing is that these morons will soon become the most powerful country in the world. Saints, spirits, and woodland nymphs preserve us all!

About the best entertainment to had in Shanghai (at any price) is a snowy day. There is some sort of stupid accident on every road, every 50m, either in progress or freshly happened. :laughing: At least the heavy police presence means they get sorted out fast and traffic moves again quickly.

didn’t like when the kid got run over :frowning:

But it’s amazing how lousy these driver’s are, both the folks in the cars, on the scooters and bikes…
Outside from our kitchen window there’s an intersection. Two lanes each directions road.
when we moved to this apartment, I guess there was about 4 accidents per week and it’s really mind blogging because you have really clear view from each corner.
Now - there’s lights up. Haven’t seen one accident yet (one month since it came up and running), but it’s bound to happen, because while most cars actually stop and wait for green light, A BIG LOT runs right through - and the scariest is when the big nasty big trucks drive into it…

Tine. China, Kunshan…