Traffic light sensors

We all bemoan insufficient usage of traffic light sensors in Taiwan to control traffic lights.
This especially applies to traffic lights at small alleys activated during rush hours which operate on timer blocking traffic on the main road no matter is there anybody waiting at the red light or not.

Someone argued that such sensors cannot detect scooters. In fact such sensors can detect even bicycles as it is described in text below: … ection.htm

I find it ironic that Taiwan which likely manufactures most of the solid state components used in these sensors hardly uses them on their own roads.

[quote]Detection of Bicycles by Quadrupole Loops
at Demand-Actuated Traffic Signals

Steven G. Goodridge, Ph.D.
Member, IEEE


Inductive loop sensors, commonly used for detection of traffic at demand-actuated traffic signals, can be configured and adjusted to detect bicycles with metal rims. This article describes how to provide reliable detection of bicycles via inductive loop sensors without generating unacceptable false-positive detection of large vehicles in adjacent lanes.


My bike doesn’t have metal rims. I’m screwed.

i use to have this problem every night at 2am going home from work in california

no traffic light never would change i ended up running the light consistently but then found these magnets you put on your bike

that register with the sensor cant remember where i found them it was 6 years ago but it worked not sure if it works with Taiwan sensors

Is this what you are looking for?

They even react to your titanium implants …