Do doctors prescribe it here? Pain management is awful here, unless you’re literally dying, they send you home with acetaminophen after major surgery. But I get really bad knee pains and back pain, I got some while I was in Thailand and it’s not as strong as hydrocodone that I used to get in the US, it does make it better. The only thing that helps is muscle relaxers for my back.

And no, I do not take it everyday. Just when I really need it like playing 2 hours of basketball and coaching for 5 hours like yesterday. other then muscle relaxers for my back, not much for the knees which sucks. Massages help, but I don’t have that kind of money and time to get one all the time lol


I know a uni prof here (American) that was having so much back pain that he was literally suicidal. He couldn’t get anything that worked at first, and his Mandarin is great so it wasn’t a communication problem. Then he took one of his Master’s students with him to NTUH and they begged and explained and I don’t know what all. Finally they gave him Tramadol. So it is available here. Hope you can get something that works. It’s sad, the shrinks at Tai Da Yi Yuan hand pills out like candy that are sure to rot your brains out, and that are extremely addictive, but if there is a chance you are going to enjoy being addicted and having your brain damaged, you can forget it.


Can you not get a prescription when you’re abroad and bring a load back with you? This is what I had to do previously.

I was hospitalised for two weeks and they gave me small doses of tramadol iirc, so it’s available, but once I was discharged they’d only give me acetaminophen.

Some poster mentioned in another thread that there are pain clinics in the hospitals which will prescribe strong pain killers, provided it is deemed necessary. I would try there first.


yes, but i’m not going to travel every time to get it.