Transfer ARC

Sorry to ask this question again, but soem postings have been lost !!!

If you change jobs within and terminate your contract with an employer…do you have to leave the country or can you get your visa extended and transfer it to a new ARC ???
If you finish your contract can you change visas without leaving the country if you have a contract for a new job in a different company that begins on completion of your contract with your previous company??
I have often heard of people going to Pan Chiao to extend their visa…what is this about ??


Can you provide more information on what type of job you have, and under which government agency your organization is registered? Are you leaving at the end of the contract, or in the middle? Have you gone to the Bureau of Consular Affairs MOFA to inquire about this entire issue? That might be a good starting point.

Pan Chiao is in Taipei County. The foreigners on short term visas who go to the Foreign Affairs Police Department there are probably getting a two month extension. I believe that this is what you are referring to.

I am finishing my contract with a school in June. I am then beginning work immediately in a company. My contract with the company begins on the day after finishing my school contract with the school.
I have one month

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I am not sure I understand the exact situation you are in from you postings, but I will try to respond to your question based on what I know.

If you are leaving the employment of the school, which sponsored your current work permit, prior to the expiration of your work permit to go work for the company, you must get a signed permission from the school agreeing to transfer your work permit to the company… when you have the signed permission, you need give this to the company for them to apply for a new work permit. This should all be done prior to you working at the new company since, as you probably know, the work permit only allows you to work for a specific employer, in this case, the school. If you approach the process this way, you will not have to leave the country and re-enter.

If the school is not willing to sign the transfer permission, for whatever reason, you must notify the work permit issuer, Ministry of Justice, when you stop working for the school (by law, the school should also notify the MOJ), leave the country, re-enter, and have the company apply for the work permit from the very beginning. Having the work permit transferred is a much more expeditious process than applying all over again. If you have any questions, you can email me at my email…

Good luck.

I am unaware of any laws in the ROC that specify that foreigners who work in the educational field have to report on the status of their work permits, or the application for work permits, to the Ministry of Justice.

I am also unaware of any laws that specify that when foreigners stop working in the educational field they should have their employer notify the MOJ.

I sent an email to the contributor “nofear” on March 15th asking him to clarify his sources for this information, however I have received no reply to date.

If you replace ‘Ministry of Justice’ with ‘Department of Education’, then the reply made by NoFear makes perfect sense.

To all who may be reading this post:

I would need to make one correction with regards to the post I posted previously on 3/15. With regards to any reference to the Ministry of Justice, it should be replaced with the government entity who issued you the work permit.

Since in my case, I am a foreign attorney working in Taiwan, my work permit was issued by the Ministry of Justice. If you are a teacher, then your work permit would most likely issued by the Dept. of Education. Most other professions would fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Therefore, your employer must notify the relevant government agency within 3 days after your employment is terminated due to whatever cause.

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.