Transfer IE bookmarks to another computer

Hello Segue,

I would like to transfer my Internet Explorer bookmarks from my computer at work to my computer at home (both PCs). What is the fastest (and easiest) way to do this? I have some great links that I want to make sure get saved on my computer at home. Thanks for the help and apologies in advance, if this is too basic of a question.


open Windows Exlorer and explore to C:/Documents and Settings, look for a folder with your name, then a folder called ‘favorites’ which has your bookmarks. and copy that folder to a floppy, or email it.
Each bookmark is a seperate file so you can just copy the ones you want to move

Then copy those files to the similar location on the other PC,

My XP seems to have made many users folders, make sure you pick the one with a favorites folder with stuff in

In Internet Explorer, click on “File” (top left-hand corner of screen,) select “Import and Export” and select “Export My Favorites” from the choice of operations you are given. The favorites folder this operation generates can be installed on another computer by following the same process, only choosing “Import My Favorites” instead of “Export My Favorites.” The English wording might be slightly different - I am translating it from my computer’s Chinese interface.

I export my favorites regularly so that I will have a back-up of my precious favorites folder if something drastic happens to my computer. I save one copy on my D drive and another copy on my colleague’s D drive. Note, you can export just a portion of the favorites file tree, and you can also export your cookies so that when you log on to web sites that use cookies (like Segue) with your other computer, they know who you are.

Plenty more advice available - Click here. You can perform export/import operations with Outlook Express, too - See

(p.s. I’m using IE5 on Windows 98 - I have tried higher versions of IE but had problems with them - especially IE6. IE5 does everything I need it to do, so I’m sticking with it from now on.)

Do it Juba’s way, much better than mine. Mine must be for older versions.

Copying the favorites folder is nice and easy, but many times there are problems copying them over if you have any links that have Chinese in them. Doesn’t always have these problems, but best just to avoid having them.


keep your favorite online.


go to and login.

enable or find the “Bookmarks” section, and click on edit.

Import and Export should do it easily.

Alternatively, just make a webpage yourself with your links and host on your homepage. Download by saving to your pc when you get home.

Links are always available to you that way.